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Julius-Leber-Schule, Frankfurt am Main

Julius-Leber-Schule is a vocational school/vocational college offering a wide range of full-time and part time courses in two main areas:

We are located in Frankfurt am Main, the most international city in Germany and the largest financial centre on the continent. For more information on our city see https://frankfurt.de/.

With about 2,800 students and over 100 teachers we are the largest school in our city.

On average our students are between 17 and 21 years old and have between 10 and 13 years of general schooling before joining one of our programs.

Depending on their vocational training course and aim of job, they stay in our school between one and three years.

Our target is to prepare our students for life and work in an ever-changing globalized world as best as possible. For this reason we offer additional courses and certificates, promote our student‘s mobility, and work together with many different local and international partners.

Vocational School

Apprenticeship Programs

About 80 per cent of our students attend our school for ”vocational training“.

That means that most of our students attend school twice a week while working as an apprentice in a company at the same time. Some students are taught in ”block instruction“ periods from one up to seven weeks duration while working in companies the other weeks.

At the end of the three years apprenticeship program an examination is provided which documents the success of a student with a nationally-recognized professional certifi-cation.

The vocational training takes three years. Our school offers this kind of training for the following career fields and jobs

Full Time Training Courses

Leading to higher level of secondary education

Approximately 20 per cent of our students are enrolled in full-time courses.

We offer one- and two-year courses to obtain the entrance qualification for universities, polytechnics and/or universities of applied sciences. Students can choose between economic or health focused training courses.

During the first year of these full time courses students are obliged to continuously obtain a practical internship at a company or health institution three days a week. Thus, they will gain practical experience in addition to their theoretical training in school.

The second year is a full time school program.

We also offer special cooperation with the Olympic Training Centre and many professional sports and football clubs to support students being active in sports while attending our school.

International focus – International qualification

The example of “Forwarding Agent”

Students doing an apprenticeship program in the field of logistics aiming for being a for-warding agent have the chance to take part in the ”bilingual program“ of our ”Forwarding & Logistics“ department.

The ”bilingual program“ of our school offers a certificate, aiming to prepare students for working in international contexts either abroad or in international teams or with international business partners.

This program has been offered to our students since 2010 and about 40-50 students participate in the 2.5 years of training each year.

In addition to an internship abroad, students complete 12 subjects in English or bilingually in English and German.

This enables our students to use professional language and terms in forwarding business, e.g. close freight contracts for air, sea or road services as well as claiming compensation due to transport damages.

The additional modules ”Intercultural Competence“, ”International Project Management“ and ”Risk Management“ are also part of the qualification program.

Beside this program in the logistic department of our school, students in other vocational trainings or full time courses can, for instance, take part in exchange programs as well as different international programs and projects.

Julius-Leber-Schule - structure and contact

Our school is organized into different departments, based on the fields and types of trainings offered:



Mr Oliver Schulz


Vice Principal:



Head of Department 1 “Forwarding & Logistics“:

Ms Sonja Hoffmeister


Head of Department 2 "Full time courses“:

Mr Ulf Stiefelhagen (1. education section)

Ms Jutta Heller (2. education section)


Head of Department 3 "Medical / Veterinary Assistants; BFS“

Ms Doreen Beyer


Head of Department 4 "Dental Assistants; Pharmacy Assistants“

Mr Oliver Dillmann


If you are interested in obtaining further information or if you would like to co-operate with us, please contact our project coordinator for international affairs:

Ms Sonja Hoffmeister



Our address:


Seilerstrasse 32

60313 Frankfurt am Main , Germany

Phone +49 69 212 - 34448/-34408/-37973

E-Mail: poststelle.julius-leber-schule@stadt-frankfurt.de